Fight for Romania

Do not want US, or Russia, or Hungary, or Germany, or any other state to decide for my country, for my family, for myself. 

If Hungary is helping Russia to hit Romania from inside, US is closing its eyes, which makes it no more, no less, an accomplish. 

US is taking our gold, Russia our energy, Germany our businesses, Austria our wood and Hungary wants parts of our country. They are all taking advantage of the lack of patriotism from our officials and of people’s stupidity. It is time to act and react and, surely, not only on social media or in lame protests made for selfies, but daily in the street, in our schools, in what we do, what we teach.

What you accept, will continue. You cannot wake up and be shocked today that is corruption. Corruption is since…forever. What you should worry about is the fact that the „efficient” justice, as Americans keep calling it, as justice means National Direction Against-Corruption and not the law courts’ decisions, is only for some and not for all: with clear evidence, former Romanian President, ROMANIA (1)Traian Basescu, is still free; so is his protégée, Elena Udrea. The former PM, Victor Ponta is questioned by prosecutors regarding some law contract from when he was a lawyer, same type of contracts the actual National Liberal Party, Gorghiu, also had; and she is free, under the protection of President Iohannis; yes, the actual President of Romania for which a law court concluded he used fake documentation to gain one of his six houses. Interesting right? And surely fare. This is the „efficient” justice.

And some young people realized today there is corruption in the public system. Well, there is corruption in the private sector also. There is corruption everywhere. But if you want to fight against it, use your brain and accept that the person whom ass you kiss all day might be part of that corruption. Being able to see the wrong in a person you highly consider, proves you are mature, objective and smart. But, unfortunately, most of the young people lack of ration: they consider justified to protest for the people died in the nightclub Colectiv, but not for the babies died in the fire at the Giulesti maternity. Asked where have they been years ago, when PM Boc closed hospitals and President Basescu invited the doctors to leave the country, they are saying, back then, people who were protesting were in fact manipulated (now if they protest they are not manipulated) and did not deserved to fight for. Obviously, there is something wrong with their thinking.

But, despite how people think, no one has the right to decide for them. No International Monetary Found, no United States, no American ambassador, no German Canceler, no Russian President, no Austrian company, no minority, should decide for the people of Romania. We should decide. But how many of us do really care? Most of the young people want to run, to leave the country. It is understandable, but where do you want to go? In the end, it is not only about the young people; some elders who consider themselves smart, are in fact stupid, frustrated and easily to be manipulated, with rage against others who are smarter then them; and these kind of individuals do not care in reality. They just talk shit. 

Unfortunately, stupidity kills.



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