ISIS: where from? Where to?


We have French airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria, airstrikes conducted by U.S. and NATO military actions in the region. And now, Russian military presence on Syrian Mediterranean coast. And still, ISIS is flourishing. How is this possible? As I said before, cut the damn founding and kill the organization. This is how you solve the problem.

And now, Europe faces its biggest fears of getting overwhelmed by Islamic people calling themselves refugees, but acting like trained individuals. Yes, there are real refugees running from torture, war, poverty and chaos. But isn’t strange the fact that they chose countries where they need longer time to accommodate and integrate? European countries with different culture and language, indeed, some of them richer than the others, but still under a great weight of unemployment among their own citizens. Are these states better than Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates which are not poor countries? Why this discrepancy?  And if these people chose to go in democratic countries why have not they chosen US? You have reason to believe someone is controlling the situation. Why isn’t the United States willing to take refugees? And how come these refugees have that kind of money to get to another country? Is not like they are all doing financial well, as there would be no reason to leave in the first place.


The situation is not complicated, but complex.

There are INTERESTS:

  • MONEY – someone is getting a lot of money on the long run;
  • an Islamic Europe is a fragile Europe prone to destabilization;
  • US could extend its military presence in Europe without looking invasive; European countries would ask for help, overwhelmed by terrorist attacks and social crisis;
  • ISIS would grow and extend its influence;
  • black money flow will increase – so the power of those who found this war. War needs money, lot of them;
  • Europe, as an important political actor will be eliminated from the global scene;


  1. There are people who want to leave their country because of the war. But 2 million human beings leaving one poverty to another? Refugees camps are not something to be dreamed of and mostly will stay there for years, if not for their entire life;
  2. Among these ones, there are those who belong to terrorist groups (not only ISIS, in my opinion); these ones know exactly where they should go: some refugees wanted to go only to Germany; some are aggressive, even violent with the authorities of the countries they want to go to; they are already causing social disorder and threaten police and border protection forces – a normal refugee won’t act like those he/she is trying to escape from.


European secret services are accusing US for founding this crisis, through non-governmental organizations with hidden purposes. Do not know if it is true what appeared in the media lately, that the deployment of refugees cost between 3000 and 14000 euros for one refugee, depending on where he/she wants to go. But I do ask myself how these poor people could get from one place to another? I have this right as I hate when the cause of this crisis is not treated, but the effects are. Is either stupidity, or bad-faith.

It is already known the Americans founded ISIS and provided them munition, guns and other military technique. Now they are complaining ISIS is growing? They lost part of the control and disagree? Or is it the time to play the new cards?

Who took advantage after Afghanistan and Iraq wars? Who entered those markets? Who had priority? Americans. Their allies took a small part of the deals.

Let’s face the truth. Wars need money. Lots of money. Where did some fanatic religious people got all those money in the first instance? Before being capable of taking control of oil plants and industrial facilities? And who could they sell the oil to? If no „democratic” state would accept that oil, there would be no money for the terrorist, would it not? And why not cut the head of the snake before he bits you? I do not believe US to be stupid, therefore I believe the problem was generated with participation of other entities. I would say, Israel has its own interest here. I also heard the name George Soros, the Jew American financier and father of Human Rights Watch, which we know not to be so human loving. I cannot point names at this time, but I see lot of financial and economic gain in this game, where there will be many collateral victims.

I am tired of hearing how Americans fight the evil and help other countries and what democracy and human rights valued all over the world. This is not a beauty contest where all the candidates wish for „world peace”. Or is it?

History stays as the best proof that Americans did nothing but wrong when interfered in other countries’ matters: Japan, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, Ukraine. And European Union and NATO have the same blame. Look at the results and you will see the real reasons behind the actions: profit. Chaos brings profit. And justification for your present and future actions.


And all these money available for refugees, but not for investment in over passing the economic crises. Only Germany set aside €6 billion to tackle the refugee crisis*. The EU said austerity, instead of using the money to control the economic decline caused by the US market. Something I still believed to have been carefully planed.


I cannot overlook the fact that Muslims are allowed to come into Schengen, but Romanians, who are part of the European Union and have already answered all the necessary criteria for adherence to Schengen, are not welcomed.

So I ask Angela Merkel and Heinz Fischer (Austrian President) and Francois Hollande and  Mark Rutte (Holland PM) and the President of European Council, Donald Tusk and the President of the European Committee, Jean-Claude Juncker and all those politicians who think better of themselves: why? I should probably follow the money to get an accurate answer.

And I also ask myself why is Merkel screaming all day long for helping the refugees?  I see the point in helping other in need. And I also think we are all responsible and have a human duty to help other humans; but what is happening nowadays is not helping, is suicidal. Moreover, you do not deal with your decreasing population issue by getting Muslims. They are not Christians. They are not Europeans. Every nation, every population, every religion have its place and a responsibility for the place it lives in. Like humans at an individual level.


In reality, there is a war of money. It is all about money. For me is simple: with all those military, intelligence, technological and economic capabilities you are not able to solve a problem unless you do not wish to do so.

Money, power, influence, control. Indeed, sometimes, situation gets out of control, of your control. Give a gun to a fanatic and he will point it at you at some point.


  • Europe will become weaker as a whole if not treating the symptoms in time. It is still not too late;
  • ISIS will conduct terrorist activities in Europe;
  • Security measures and population control will increase as the American presence on the continent;
  • America and Russia borders will become closer. Two major actors with no competitors will clash from time to time;
  • Human rights will be restrained;
  • Military founds will increase;
  • Poverty will raise due to cheap labor force;
  • The discrepancy between rich and poor will also increase;
  • Social crisis will appear;
  • Ethnically conflicts will appear; extremism will gain momentum; Hate and insecurity will amplify;
  • Economies will shrink.


ASK YOURSELF: Who armed and founded ISIS? This is the cause you should treat.



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