O singura tara. / One Country


There is a part of the Hungarian minority here in Romania who wants to break a part of this country: Transilvania. They want more. Well, if any minority or majority has more rights than the other part, then no equality is to be made.

If you are part of a country or a place, you must be responsible for it and respect its way of being: administrative, spiritual, legally. You are free to leave if you cannot or will not be willing to bow to its rules. You do not insult the people there and ask for more rights. Why should you have more rights than others?

I have a strong feeling that the lack of response over the years from the Romanian authorities have led to serious cracks in this country’s democracy and territorial integrity. Now, almost everything belongs to the foreigners and they want to have everything. Supported by their home states, they want more and more; and if someone tries to correct and block their destructive actions they call that person „communist” or „nationalist”. I do not know about „communist” and „nationalist”, but I sure like to be a patriot. And this is where we, Romanians, fail: there are too little patriots left here.

Transilvania belongs to Romania.


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