Palestine vs Israel: sad conclusions for both sides

What does religion, stupidity, oppression, foreign countries and violence do?!

For Israel: Fighting with terrorism does not mean fighting with civilians. It means destroying a society… and if you declare that you came there the second, not the first, but God promised you that land, you are so wrong, stupid and shameless as your God does not want violence (you also claim it!)…and this is what colonizers do.

For Palestine: On the other side, if you want to stop violence, do not kill the enemies people, but fight those who make the decisions and do not accept a terrorist group on your side.

For Israel: if you fight terrorism, fight terrorists not civilians.

For Palestine: if you fight oppression, fight the oppressors, not the entire nation.

For humans: There is no excuse for claiming religion as a motive for war. I believe humans, in general, are the most cruel and stupid beings on the earth as they put other things (such as religion, money, color, nationality, pride etc.) above humanity. Deep into our foundation, we are a sick specie, incapable of tolerance and acceptance.


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