Joe Biden in Romania

US Vice-president, Joe Biden is to meat today, President of Romania, Traian Basescu and PM, Victor Ponta to discuss about the Russian-Ukraine conflict that tends to spread in the entire region.

The latest American official visits in Romania and Poland are to reassure the allies of the US engagement regarding their security and stability as decided in the Washington Treaty.

We understand both major actors’ actions: Russia is interested in defending its influence in the region and keeping an access door to Black Sea; United States want to keep the Russian influence to a reasonable point. The current situation, from a latent crises to an active one, seems more like a cause-effect thing: the setting of air-defence shield created the perfect context for Russia to fulfil its old dreams of „Great Mother Russia”. Now, in Black Sea we have both Americans and Russians. Europe is rather quiet as extremely dependable on Russian oil. But what about Romania, who is separated by Ukraine by the fragile Republic of Moldova? What is its role? I am afraid that nowadays Romania does not have much power in the region though it could have been the most important actor as for a better, patriotic and serious strategy.

As pro-Americans, we cannot ask ourselves why so late security actions from an ally that pretends we are the best partner in East? What did they expect to happen in Crimea? What was Romania thinking? That no conflict would burst in this century? Why did we waited for this near conflict to decide that the military budget is embarrassing and needs to be addressed? For sure, we really need to get rid of these unpatriotic leaders and quick as stability is not guaranteed and not forever.


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