EU can do nothing for strays!

Here is the answer to my questions addressed to EU:

Dear Sir / Dear Madam,

The President of the European Parliament (EP), Mr Martin Schulz, has received your message concerning the treatment of stray dogs in Romania.

The Citizens’ Enquiry Service of the EP has been asked to reply. Your letter received all our attention.

Firstly, we would like to inform you that the European Union institutions are aware of the existing problems in the control of the companion animal population in some Member States, including the welfare of stray dogs.

Although Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union requires paying full regard to the welfare requirements of animals when formulating and implementing some EU policies, it does not give a legal base nor require addressing all animal welfare issues. The welfare of stray animals is therefore not governed by EU rules and remains under the sole responsibility of the Member States.

Secondly, please note that, as far as the European Parliament is concerned, it attaches great importance to animal welfare. In view of a large number of petitions received from EU citizens, a resolution on the establishment of an EU legal framework for the protection of pets and stray animals[2012/2670(RSP)] was adopted on 4 July 2012. This resolution calls on the Commission, inter alia, to put forward stray animal management strategies.

In this regard, a conference on the welfare of dogs and cats in the European Union„Building a Europe that cares for companion animals” has been organised by the Commission and will take place in Brussels on 28 October 2013. It will provide a major opportunity for opening the debate on the practical considerations that relate to companion animal welfare and what further action is needed for its improvement.

In addition, the EP’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals appealed to the Romanian President to ensure that uncontrolled killings of stray dogs will be avoided. Please consult the EP’s Intergroup’s websitefor more information.

Finally, for information only, regarding the right of petition to the European Parliament, you can find details on the procedures for submitting a petition and theconditions of admissibility (competence, form, presentation) by consulting the EP’s website.


We thank you for contacting the European Parliament.

Yours sincerely,

Citizens’ Enquiry Service

European Parliament


Dear European Parliament,

When will you take action against such an obscure decision of the Romanian Parliament regarding stray dogs? I believed mass killing was not a principle of the European Parliament. As citizen of the European Community I expect objective and fast action towards an alarming law that has now been appealed to the Romanian Constitutional Court. If the institution do not apply the democratic and human principles some other entity must correct a deflective action. Adopting mass killing could mean a disturbing prejudice that, if not stopped, might also kill the values humans are fighting for.

It is compulsory for the EU to take action regardless the risk of public image being negatively affected. Take a stand against strays mass murder.

Cosmina Filip


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