Pro-democracy protests in Bucharest

Two different protest took place yesterday, 15.01.2012, in Bucharest, capital of Romania: one was a pro-democratic ad-hoc protest against the actual government and also against President Basescu which took place in University Square; the other protest (in Union Square, very close to University Square) was a violent reaction with no democratic purpose. It is strongly believed by the press, critics and civil society that the violences that took place in Union Square were, in fact, a diversion, a sabotage made by the actual authority in order to undermine the true, pacefull protest for liberty, life, dignity.

The official security forces that should have ensured the public order and safety haven’t done heir job. Why is the question that rises? Why haven’t the gendarmes and the police officers arrested the violent protesters from Union Square? Why haven’t they picked up hooligans/hoodlums that were throwing with rocks, squibs and detonators. Moreover, the authority forces nabbed non-violent civilians that were protesting in University Square. And this probably because they were screaming „down Basescu”, „resignation”, „we want election in advance, not merged election”, „lieberty”.

Economic crises, austerity measures, poverty, bad economic and financial policies, lack of solutions, bad government investments, growing crime, „fake” reform of health and education systems, violetion of human and civil rights, all these had broght it to a head; therefor, people got out in the street to fight for their rights and claim democracy, liberty and free elections.

The actual officials pretend that these protests that are taking place for already three days in more than 20 cities, are unauthorised. Do people need authorisation to claim their rights ? And is this the reason why 200 students weren’t allowed to join the protestors in University Square ?  Is this the reason why hooligans were allowed to manifest violent ?  Is this the reason why the police forces didn’t react quickly and percolate ?  Is this the reason why they didn’t stop the vandalism ?  Is this the reason why The Minister of Internal Affairs, the Prime-Minister and/or the President of Romania dind’t react in any way for the past three dayz?

We fear that democracy is rapidly dieing in our country. And, with good reason, we ask ourselves where is Europe, where is the European Union, where are the United Nation ?


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